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BBC Kava/Kratom Drinks

BBC Kava/Kratom Drinks


Kratom is a tea leaf from Southeast Asia with deep roots in Chinese and South Asian medicine. This immune-boosting miracle plant is brewed into teas and provides relief for countless symptoms. 

CAT 5 sparkling elixir-Kratom is a double-strength blend of white, green, and red elixir.  It hits with the force of a SWFL hurricane in both effects and fruity flavor.

Discover the wave of calm, joy and heightened well-being.  This fruity blend presents a Category 5 intensity of flavor - which no dangerous hangover in it's wake.

Kava Unicorn P*ss! Our enchanted mix of Kava and rainbow fruits guarantees a truly magical experience. Transform your drinking routine into a fantasy-filled rainbow of flavors! 

Island Breeze is a white vein Elixir/Kratom, which is known for promoting energy and increasing your focus.

Orange Dream Kava-  Premium Kava paired with zesty, organic orange makes for a mood-enhancing and refreshing seltzer - perfect for a day at the beach or a low-key social hour.

Peach on the Beach- Looking to feel peachy? This refreshing seltzer will give you vacation vibes. Juicy peach and fruity botanicals combine for a unique blend that hits all the right notes.

BLUEBERRY LEMONADE- Red Vein Elixer/Kratom is a tea leaf from Southeast Asia with deep roots in Chinese and South Asian medicine. This immune-boosting miracle plant is brewed into teas and provides relief for countless symptoms.
With four primary strains, elixir can deliver feelings of happiness, euphoria, energy, and more.

BERRY F'ED UP- Our Brewer’s Series double-strength kratom seltzer offers an intensified and efficient way to experience the natural benefits of kratom. This makes it a favorable choice for individuals seeking a robust and effective kratom experience with smaller serving sizes.
Go on a wild ride with ripe raspberries, strawberries, and juicy blueberries. Get ready for a daze with this new craze!

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