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Torch Gummies

Torch Gummies


Torch Nitro Blend XXL Gummies 7000mg are an extremely high-potency gummy that blends two of the strongest cannabinoids on the market. Torch is known for its high-potency gummies and innovative blends; this time, they are pushing it to another level!
These gummies come in a 20ct child-proof jar. Each gummy is a 350mg blend of THCP, HHCP, and live resin terpenes.

20ct Child Proof Jar (7000mg Active Ingredients)
350mg Blend Of THCP And HHCP Per Gummy
Live Resin Infused
Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

Torch Haymaker Blend gummies are the heavyweight champions of the gummy world, ready to deliver a haymaker of flavor, fun, and good times. Each gummy is infused with a powerful blend of THC-P, Delta-9, and THC-X so prep yourself to a knock-out experience. 20 gummies. Each with 175mg for a total of 3500mg per jar. From fruity jabs to sweet uppercuts, put on your gloves and take a swing at sheer enjoyment.

Cannabinoids: THC-P, Delta 9, THC-X
Strength: 3500mg
175mg per serving
Vegan and live resin infused
<0.3% DELTA-9 THC

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