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Zombi Gummies 2500mg (125mg ea)

Zombi Gummies 2500mg (125mg ea)


Zombi 2500 HXY-11THC + THC-P + THC-H & Delta 8 Gummies 20ct

Zombi is a newer brand to the hemp industry that has started strong, offering some of the most potent gummies in the market. Zombi Sleep Walker Gummies are infused with 2500mg of HXY-11 THC, THC-P, THC-H, and delta-8 THC. By incorporating live resin extracts into these edibles, they’re able to provide an extremely potent experience as compared to using dried, cured cannabis flower for the extraction procedure. Zombi Sleep Walker Gummies are also vegan friendly!

The jar consists of 20 pieces of gourmet, bite-sized gummies with 125mg of blended cannabinoids. They’re currently available in 3 different fruit-flavor profiles: Ghastly Grape, Toxic Cherry, and Wicked Watermelon.

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