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BBC Hemp Drinks

BBC Hemp Drinks


Lemon Pound Cake Delta 9-10mg 12fl oz. This bright and sunny seltzer combines the tart and zesty flavor of organic lemons with the sweetness of your traditional Lemon Pound Cake. 

Citrus Twist CBD 25mg 12 fl oz. This is a balanced blend of juicy grapefruit and zesty orange with the subtle hint of lemon and lime. Our CBD beverages have the same benefits as other CBD products such as oils, but in a more convenient and tasty way to consume your dose!

Gummy Bear Delta-8 20mg 12 fl oz. Provides a mildly euphoric sensation paired with a full-body relaxation, while also maintaining an elevated mental clarity. It is said to help consumers feel more present in the mind while also feeling more in-tune with themselves.

Perfect Pear delta 9 10mg 12fl oz. Prepare for a powerhouse of fresh flavors with this fun and fizzy Delta-9 seltzer. Crisp, organic pear and a smooth, full-bodied finish make a perfect pair for a tasty euphoria!

Laidback Lemonade Delta 8 20mg 12fl oz. For a mood as smooth as its flavor.  Traditional lemonade flavor is paired with juicy blackberries for an extra kick.

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