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Dome Wrecker 3.5G Disposable THCA+THCP

Dome Wrecker 3.5G Disposable THCA+THCP


Dive into the world of elevated highs with the HiXotic Dome Wrecker Disposable. This 3.5g powerhouse combines THC-A Liquid Diamonds, THCP, cannabis-derived terpenes, and Live Resin Terpenes for an unparalleled experience. Liquid Diamond Magic, experience the potency of THC-A Liquid Diamonds, ensuring each puff is a taste of pure bliss.

THCP Bliss, the inclusion of THCP adds an extra layer of euphoria, creating a dynamic and delightful high. Terpene Symphony, enjoy the authentic taste of hemp with a blend of cannabis-derived terpenes and Live Resin Terpenes. Immerse yourself in a flavorful journey.

Click 5 times to turn on/off, simplicity at its finest. No complicated maneuvers – just five clicks for power control. Click 2 times to preheat: Need a quick hit? Two clicks initiate an 8-second preheat for instant satisfaction. 1 click to stop preheat: Total control at your fingertips. One click stops the preheat, giving you the power to decide when to start your session. USB-C Rechargeable: Embrace convenience with USB-C rechargeability. Keep the good times rolling with a device that’s ready to go when you are.

  • Hulkberry Ice (Sativa): Unleash the superhero within with the energizing effects of this sativa, accented by a refreshing touch of ice.
  • Amnesia Haze (Hybrid): Forget your worries and embrace the uplifting vibes of this classic hybrid strain.
  • Bubblegum OG Ice (Indica): Chill out with the soothing effects of this indica, coupled with a burst of sweet bubblegum flavor.
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