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Dome Wrecker carts THCA Liq. Diamonds THCP 2x 2g

Dome Wrecker carts THCA Liq. Diamonds THCP 2x 2g


Domewrecker 2×2 THCa Liquid Diamonds Cartridge 4g
Domewrecker 2×2 THCa Liquid Diamonds Cartridge 4g is the long-awaited vape cartridge line for our vaping connoisseurs! The Simple Vape team has decided to launch another potent and flavor-packed duo cartridge product line, this time under the fan-favorite Domewrecker brand.

These duo vape cartridge product lines are perfect for users who prefer cartridges over disposables. It allows those users to get close to the same amount of distillate as a disposable user, often at a lower price!

The only drawback with a 2ct cartridge option is where users put the second cartridge. Great CBD shops know that we stoner types tend to lose and misplace spare devices and cartridges everywhere. Well, we now have a solution for that issue. We have recently picked up the Rokin Vapes Dual 510 Thread Vape Cartridge Travel Case. Now, users have a place to safely and securely store their spare cartridges!

Vaping connoisseurs will love experiencing this potent blend in a new light. These 2g 510-thread vape cartridges fit in most 510-thread compatible devices. This allows users to use their device, which may include features such as preheat, variable voltage, and more, to fully customize their experience and get more out of their oil and tasty terpenes!

What Does Each 2ct Package Come With?
Domewrecker 2×2 THCa Liquid Diamonds Cartridges come in a 2ct package. Each package holds two 2-gram 510-thread vape cartridges. These cartridges contain an ultra-potent blend of THCa Liquid Diamonds, Delta 9 THC, and CDTs for enhanced flavor. This blend offers users unrivaled hard-hitting and long-lasting effects for a vape cartridge!

THCa Liquid Diamonds smack users with potent euphoric mood-enhancing effects while THCP hits mid-buzz, enhancing and extending that euphoria until users reach a state of blissful peace and relaxation.

Domewrecker has kept things simple and launched this Liquid Diamonds cartridge line in the same six flavor profiles as their disposable lines. We’ll list these below!

Product Features:
Available In A 2ct Package ( Two 2-Gram 510-Thread Vape Cartridges)
Blend Of THCa Liquid Diamonds And Delta 9 THCP
CDT Infused
Iced Flavors And Non-Iced Flavors
Ceramic Coil Technology For Enhanced Flavor
Excellent Choice For Vaping Connoisseurs
Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

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