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Looper Cart Blue Gusherz Lifted Series L.R. 2g Hybrid

Looper Cart Blue Gusherz Lifted Series L.R. 2g Hybrid

Blue Gusherz (Hybrid) Blend- THCa, HHC, THCP

Looper Live Resin Lifted Series Blend Vape Cartridge 2g is a brand spanking new live resin blended line from the looperverse! These blends include some of your favorite well-known cannabinoids and even something new!

If you are looking for a vape cartridge to bust you through a tolerance plateau, this is the line for you! Each cart is a potent blend of high-quality cannabinoids explicitly designed to get you lifted! Using the same authentic CCell cartridges with zero burn coils.

We know THCP is 33x stronger than Delta 9, and THC is known to be just as potent. Mixing them only adds to the range of entourage effects, benefits, and potency. Looper has created a mix never done before in this lineup.

2g Vape Cartridge (2000mg Active Ingredients)
Live Resin Infused
CCell Technology
Lab Tested

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