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Uchie Sparkling Kratom Seltzer 16fl. oz

Uchie Sparkling Kratom Seltzer 16fl. oz


Get ready to ride the waves of refreshment with Uchie Blue Raspberry. The electrifying blend of zesty blueberries and tangy raspberries creates a dazzling symphony of flavor. This sparkling drink will thrill your senses with its bold and playful combination, leaving you refreshed and craving more.

Uchie Citrus is like a burst of sunshine in every sip. This lively concoction combines the zing of fresh lemons, and oranges to awaken your taste buds. The effervescent bubbles enhance the vibrant citrus notes, creating a zesty and invigorating experience that's perfect for any time of day.

Our Kratom seltzers are expertly crafted to artfully blend sweet and invigorating flavors with the robust botanical essence of Mitragyna Speciosa extract. Our goal is to achieve the perfect equilibrium between sweetness and refreshment, ensuring it's not overly sweet, yet flavorful enough to help conceal some of the unique flavors associated with Mitragyna Speciosa extract. We are confident that we've effectively struck this delicate balance and sincerely hope that you enjoy this seltzer as much as we do.

We begin our process with the finest-grade kratom leaves, sourced directly from the dedicated farmers responsible for their cultivation. These exceptional kratom leaves undergo a meticulous extraction process to produce our exclusive platinum kratom extract. At every step of this proprietary extraction procedure, we adhere to the use of food-grade ingredients, ensuring that no harmful solvents or additives are introduced during production. This unwavering commitment to quality enables us to achieve an impressive yield, with up to 98% total alkaloids and 70% Mitragynine extracted from the kratom leaves.

What truly distinguishes our extract is its remarkable secondary alkaloid profile, featuring alkaloids like Paynantheine, Speciogynine, and Speciocilatine. It is the harmonious balance between the primary alkaloid, Mitragynine, and these secondary alkaloids that imparts the exceptional qualities to our extract, contributing to what makes Uchie Kratom Seltzers truly unique.


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