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ZaZa D9 Liquid Diamonds THCA-D9-THCP 2g

ZaZa D9 Liquid Diamonds THCA-D9-THCP 2g


Experience the pinnacle of vape technology with the Liquid Diamonds 2g disposable vape device. This extraordinary product combines the potent trio of THCA, Delta 9, and THC-P, delivering an unparalleled and elevated experience for vape enthusiasts. With a pre-heat button for optimal performance and easy activation, Liquid Diamonds ensures a smooth and satisfying session every time.

Crafted with precision and quality, this disposable vape is perfect for vape shop owners looking to offer their customers a premium and unique hemp vaping experience. The 2g capacity ensures longer sessions and consistent performance, allowing users to explore the full spectrum of effects from THCA, Delta 9, and THC-P. Elevate your inventory with the Liquid Diamonds disposable vape and provide your customers with an unforgettable vape adventure. Wholesale options are available for vape shop owners seeking top-of-the-line products to stock their shelves.

ZAZA THCA - Delta 9 - THC-P Disposable Vape Liquid Diamonds Features:

  • Available in 5-pack orders.
  • Made with hemp-derived Delta-9, THCA, and THC-P.
  • 2 Grams per device.
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